Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Argenti is a partnership between PA Consulting Group and Hampshire County Council delivering telecare services to vulnerable adults in Hampshire. To date more than 6,500 service users have been added, 1000 care professionals trained and £4.7m net saved.

The programme includes innovative mobile software, Brain in Hand.  This gives people access to personalised support from their mobile phone. For more than a year, 50 people with autism, learning difficulties or a mental health condition have been using Brain in Hand.

The technology has made a big impact.  Giving people Brain in Hand has helped improve lives and reduce demands on carers and services.  For many users there have been improvements in independence, reduced anxieties, and fewer crisis events.  It has enabled some people to be discharged from social services care management.

There have also been a significant number of firsts achieved including travelling on their own, starting and staying in work and living independently.  Each of these represent significant transformations in quality of life.

Many people are supported by their family, which can cause strain.  Brain in Hand has shown a positive impact here.  In one example a young person’s increased independence has enabled their step mother to be able to work during the day. Another person using the system shares that “It puts less pressure on mum and dad, before Brain in Hand it was just mum and dad who would get the brunt of it.”

In-line with the increased independence reported, demands on services used by individuals have reduced.  This includes a reduction in regular scheduled care, including day care workers and overnight support.

Mark Allen, Commissioning Manager, Adult’s Health and Care, Hampshire County Council said “The programme has demonstrated that by arming people with access to their own coping strategies and giving them the option of requesting additional support when they need it, they are able to make good progress towards independence.

“I am also encouraged to see how technology can help take pressures off carers, as this is very important.

“The support services we provide are continually inspired by how technology can extend the reach of support services, helping them to be aware of potential problems early and provide support when people need help the most.”