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We would really appreciate your feedback on how things have been going for the Brain in Hand User you support.

Please answer the questions by selecting the multiple choice response that most closely reflects what you think.


About their Brain in Hand…

1   When was the user set up with Brain in Hand?
2a How often does the user use Brain in Hand?
2b  If the user is not using Brain in Hand, do you know why they stopped?
3   Does the user find Brain in Hand easy to use?
How well does Brain in Hand support them...

4   Has Brain in Hand helped the user feel more confident?

5   Has Brain in Hand helped the user become more independent?

6   Has Brain in Hand helped the user manage anxiety?

7   Has Brain in Hand helped the user manage situations they would have struggled with before?

8   Has Brain in Hand helped the user achieve goals they would not have achieved before?

9   Overall, has Brain in Hand had a positive impact on the user's life?

Using Brain in Hand...

10  Which features of their Brain in Hand does the user find the most useful?  Please select all that are relevant
11   How often does the user add to their Diary events or Unplanned page on the BIH website?  Please select all that apply

12  How often does the user add to or change their Brain in Hand problems and solutions on their website?  Please select all that apply

13  Are there any features of their Brain in Hand the user doesn't know how to use?  Please select all that are relevant
Brain in Hand traffic lights...

14  How does the user use the traffic lights?
15  Who responds to the user's traffic light alerts?  
16  Does the user find the contact from their Traffic Light Responder helpful?

17 Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback about Brain in Hand.
About you...

18  How do you know the user?

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Thank you!

Your feedback will be used for quality assurance purposes and collated data will be anonymised.