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Thank you for agreeing to give us some feedback about your experiences with using Brain in Hand.

Please fill in your answers to the questions below.
The grey text under each question is to give you some ideas about how you could them.

If you would prefer to answer these questions by phone, please contact us on 01392 247909 and we will be happy to help.


Please give us as much feedback as possible, but if there is information you do not know or would prefer not to answer just leave the space blank.

If you have any questions, you can ask them at the end of the form.



Please tell me about one of the strategies you have in Brain in Hand that you use or value the most

How does this help you? What would you have done before having Brain in Hand?
How often / when do you use this strategy?  What impact has this had on your life?

Has your use of Brain in Hand changed over time?

How often are you using it? Are you using it more or less frequently now, and why?
Do you use it for the same or different things to when you started?

Has Brain in Hand helped you to feel more confident or independent?

How? In what situations? What would you have done before?

Has Brain in Hand helped you to manage anxiety, stress or other moods/emotions?

How?  In what situations?  What would you have done before?

Can you tell me about something(s) you can do now that you couldn’t do before Brain in Hand?

It can be to do with home, friends, uni, work, mood, or anything else
How has Brain in Hand helped you to achieve this? What impact has this had on your life?

What aspects of your university life does Brain in Hand help you with?

For example: At times of pressure, with exams or deadlines? Attendance and participation in lectures? Academic skills?  Social aspects of university life or independent living?
How? What would you have done before?
Do you use Brain in Hand with your university supporter(s)?  How has this helped?

Can you please tell me a little bit about how you use your Brain in Hand traffic lights

What do you use them for? How often do you use your traffic lights?
Do you press a red Traffic Light, or three ambers, to notify someone you’re having trouble?  If so, how often?
If you are happy to, would you please tell us a little about this situation and your experience of the response you received? How did it help?

What is your favourite feature of Brain in Hand?

Why is it your favourite feature? Is there a feature you’d like to see added to Brain in Hand?

What would you say to someone thinking about using Brain in Hand?

Would you recommend it? Why?

Is your Brain in Hand licence due for renewal?
If so, would you like to continue to use Brain in Hand?
DSA will usually fund Brain in Hand for your time at university, for as long as you are using it and finding it beneficial.
We can ask your funding body to renew your licence if you would like us to, just let us know above.

If you have answered yes to the question above you do not need to do anything more.
We will contact your funding body on your behalf to request the subscription continue.

Is there anything we can do to support you to use Brain in Hand more?

If you have Specialist Training hours left, would you like us to book in a session?


Thank you for agreeing to give us some feedback about your experiences with using Brain in Hand.

Your feedback will be used for training and quality assurance purposes within Brain in Hand – to help us understand how to improve Brain in Hand and the support we provide.

Aspects of your feedback may also be useful to help other Brain in Hand users or supporters to discover more about the uses of Brain in Hand and how they could benefit.  If we would like to share some of your experiences with Brain in Hand users or supporters we will always show you what we are sharing first to check that you are comfortable with it and get your specific permission.


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