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Every year thousands of young people with autism start out on university life.  This year, Rosie King is one of those students. Last night she shared her experiences with The One Show, discussing how she prepared herself for one of the most exciting and most petrifying concepts on my mind – leaving home to go to university and start my life as an independent functioning adult.”  

To give her the support she needs, Rosie has been using Brain in Hand software.  Packed with features, Brain in Hand helps Rosie access support when and where she needs it.  Or as Rosie says “It’s as though I have that older Rosie in my pocket and I can call her up for advice, whether I’m just a little uneasy or having a full-blown panic attack.”

Rosie helped change our understanding of autism in childhood as she presented BBC’s ‘My autism and me’.  Half a decade on, as she starts her next stage in life, she’s doing it again.  

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