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Tom Hanks really does deserve the title of “The Nicest Guy In Hollywood” and has proved it again with Asperger’s Champion and Brain in Hand advocate Rosie King.  Whilst both appearing on the One Show he responded to her ambition to write professionally with a promise to send her a typewriter from his treasured collection.  

Rosie had been on the show to talk about her experience of starting university life with Asperger’s syndrome and how using Brain in Hand software has given her the extra support she needs to succeed.   Since appearing on the show she has received lots of messages of support, but this week received the most surprising…a typewriter from Tom himself!

Rosie was staggered.  She had been touched by Tom’s remarks on the show, but given his busy schedule, she never thought he would actually send her anything.  This act of selfless generosity has given Rosie even more determination to, with the help of Brain in Hand, continue her studies and go on to realise her dreams!

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