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Brain in Hand is running a series of webinars (60mins each) to demonstrate our University Edition to Disabled Students’ Allowance assessors, assistive technology suppliers and HE support staff.

Existing webinar dates are as follows:

  • Friday 19th May 10am
    Friday 19th May 2pm
  • Wednesday 24th May 2pm
    Thursday 25th May 10am
  • Wednesday 7th June 10am
    Thursday 8th June 10am
  • Monday 12th June 10am
    Monday 12th June 2pm
  • Tuesday 20th June 10am
    Tuesday 20th June 2pm
  • Wednesday 28th June 10am
    Wednesday 28th June 2pm
  • Thursday 6th July 10am
    Thursday 6th July 2pm
  • Friday 14th July 10am
    Friday 14th July 2pm
  • Monday 17th July 10am
    Monday 17th July 2pm
  • Thursday 20th July 10am
    Thursday 20th July 2pm.

Please book your webinar now by specifying your name, organisation and the date and time of the webinar that you would like to join.


We are also currently visiting universities and access centres to deliver workshops (90mins), so that everyone can familiarise themselves with the features and advantages of Brain in Hand, as well as the recommendation process.  If you and your colleagues would like to book a training visit or a webinar at a different time, please book with us now.


For full details of how Brain in Hand can support students at university, please visit our University Student Support or Needs Assessors’ Support pages.

For more information or to ask a question about Brain in Hand University Edition, please call us on 01392 247 909 or email



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Latest News

Brain in Hand Version 3.0 – What to expect

We regularly update the Brain in Hand app to make it better for you. Over the next week or so we will be introducing update version 3.0. With it comes some new features, but also a cleaner, easier to read design. Read below to see what’s new. If you’d like to find out more about read more


Brain in Hand App Update

  94% of people say that Brain in Hand is having a positive impact on their life. But Glenn, our technical lead won’t rest until that figure is 100%. As technology evolves, we will continue to work with users to further advance the software to best meet their needs. This month sees an update to read more


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Our Users

  • Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence. For example, I have an issue with eye contact when I talk with friends. To solve this, I plan in advance what I can say to a person, which is something I put into my Brain in Hand.

    Brain in Hand user

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  • I wish that there had been something like this when I was a headteacher of a challenging school for those individuals who were either autistic or suffered from anxiety. It would have added another level of support.

    Parent of a Brain in Hand user

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  • “We can use Brain in Hand to help people to achieve those outcomes and use the data from the system to demonstrate this: You put the same things into Brain in Hand that are being measured by the council.”

    Brain in Hand user

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