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If you have a mental health condition, autism, or learning difficulty, you can face additional challenges in work. Heightened anxiety, forgetting tasks, difficulty with time management or problems coping with change are common, but with the right support, you can not only cope, but flourish in work.

An innovative and unique approach, Brain in Hand empowers you to take control of day to day problems. It works with your individual challenges to be the best you can be. Our technique based on CBT, technology accessed through an app on your phone and team of professionals are there, whenever and wherever needed.

When added to your support plan at work, using Access to Work or JCP funding, Brain in Hand helps you to overcome challenges and better meet your employment goals. Be it to start, stay in or return to work or an apprenticeship.

Workplace Assessors – please visit our workplace assessor resources page or refer a new candidate and receive a quote here.

What is Brain in Hand?

Traditional models of support can be labour-intensive and are often not available when the person needs it most. Brain in Hand offers an innovative solution to this problem. Take a look at our technology page to find out more.

Who uses Brain in Hand at work?

Almost 4,000 people across the UK have used Brain in Hand achieve their goals, including employees and apprentices at Marks & Spencer, NFU Mutual, Defra, the Dogs Trust, Asda and the Civil Servant’s charity For You By You.

A partner of The National Autistic Society, our award-winning system is used by around 60 organisations and Local Authorities. We’re named by the DWP as a best practice tool.

Take a look at our user stories here.

How can I get Brain in Hand?

If you’re disabled or have a physical or mental health condition that makes it hard for you to do your job, you can apply for Access to Work to get funding to pay for Brain in Hand.

Work with your employer to apply for Access to Work. As part of this application, a Workplace Assessor will meet with you and put in plan a place of what will best help you. At this stage, ask for Brain in Hand. Either share with them our information sheet Workplace Brain in Hand website flyer, or direct them to our workplace assessor resources page.

Brain in Hand can also be bought privately by you or your employer. To buy Brain in Hand, please complete our form.

Or to help us find the right route for you, please get in touch. Email

I like Brain in Hand as it’s on my phone, which I take everywhere with me. I use it when I get stressed or anxious. It’s like having a helping hand in your pocket.

Sam from Kirklees

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Brain in Hand at The Huntercombe Group

From specialist centres across the UK, the Huntercombe Group looks after almost 800 people with mental health problems, a learning difficulty or brain injury. Read our case study to understand how after adopting Brain in Hand, there’s been a decline in disruptive behaviour, a reduction in incidents and fewer physical restraints amongst users.


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