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Brain in Hand has been named as one of the companies in this year’s Digital Health Accelerator programme, designed to help the rapid adoption of technology in the NHS.

Over the past two years the Digital Health London Accelerator programme has helped the rapid adoption of technology in the NHS and saved £50 million. Based on this success, the scheme is being extended to seven regions, including The Greater Manchester Digital Health Accelerator, run by Health Innovation Manchester. This region has picked four technologies it believes can make a difference in the NHS and has announced that Brain in Hand is one of the technologies it will be supporting.

Richard Deed, Associate Director Industry, Health Innovation Manchester, said: “The four that have been successful are very different but all have a very strong value proposition to address some of the healthcare needs in Greater Manchester.

“Greater Manchester has features which make us unique for the Digital Health Accelerator including devolved decision making to facilitate delivering better health, care and wellness services within budget and an integrated academic health science and innovation system, Health Innovation Manchester, pulling together existing digital assets across the city.

“Together these features will offer a unique opportunity for digital health companies to deliver benefits to citizens as well as evaluating and improving their value propositions.

“As well as working with the companies we are also really interested in working with the other 6 AHSNs to share our learning and learn from not only our activity but also the companies involved – showcasing some of the best digital health innovations in the country.”

David Fry, CEO Brain In Hand, said: “Brain in Hand has already helped thousands of people in the social care sector and we feel we have something to offer anyone suffering with common mental health problems, or conditions such as autism, within the NHS. The accelerator is one of the best ways to get access to the NHS and understand how our product can benefit the NHS. We are hoping the programme can help us to access NHS decision makers to help refine our proposition to the NHS and enable us to demonstrate first-hand what a great impact Brain in Hand can make.”

About Health Innovation Manchester

Health Innovation Manchester brings together health, academia and industry as part of an academic health science system with the aim of accelerating innovation to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to make Greater Manchester the most innovative health and social care system in the UK, a place internationally renowned for its ability to apply the skills of industry innovators, academic and clinical colleagues, to meet the needs of patients and citizens.

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