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We’ve updated the Brain in Hand app to make it better for you. Brain in Hand version 3.0 includes some new features and a cleaner, easier to read design.

Read more about each of the new features below.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us.

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Bright and clear design

We have tweaked the layout to make Brain in Hand easier to use. We’re sure you’ll notice the bright green design and cleaner look. We’ve also added clearer titles at the top of the page, to help you navigate the app, and a red banner appears across the top of the app’s homepage to let you know if you’re no longer connected to the internet (you don’t need the internet to access your calendar, reminders or coping strategies but it is needed to send red button alerts).

Websites and Phone Numbers

Brain in Hand stores all of your best solutions for you to access when you need them. Now these solutions can include telephone numbers or website addresses, so that you can quickly and easily reach the person or information you need. So if the bus is late, one of your solutions can be ‘call mum’ with her number included or ‘check the timetable to find out when the next bus is due’ with a link to the bus company’s website.

Home Page Reminders

Brain in Hand can help remind you about the activities that are important to you. It could be a prompt to drink water every two hours, or take medicine after every meal, whatever you choose.

We’ve improved these reminders, as they are now blue before the task is due; when the time comes to undertake the task, a notification will appear on your phones reminding you and if you don’t the icon will turn red until you have. Once completed you can simply tap complete on the notification and mark the task as complete. The completed task will appear on the timeline on your Brain in Hand website.

Now and Next Widget

Apple has joined android phones in featuring widgets. These are boxes that contain a small amount of useful information, accessed by a swipe from the home or lock page. So we have developed a Brain in Hand widget for you to use. It features the traffic light icon, making it easier for you to request help by pressing red if needed. We also feature now and next, letting you know what calendar events are taking place now and what’s next. This also works on apple watches.

Try a demo account of Brain in Hand

To help give people a taster of Brain in Hand, we have created a new demonstration account. The demo includes a short video and live web chat. If you know someone who would like to try Brain in Hand, they can download a demo onto their phone:

Download the Brain in Hand app from the Apple app store or Google Play Store and either log on to a user account, watch a 30 second video, or access our demo account – ‘Timothy’.

  • Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence. For example, I have an issue with eye contact when I talk with friends. To solve this, I plan in advance what I can say to a person, which is something I put into my Brain in Hand.

    Brain in Hand user

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  • I wish that there had been something like this when I was a headteacher of a challenging school for those individuals who were either autistic or suffered from anxiety. It would have added another level of support.

    Parent of a Brain in Hand user

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  • “We can use Brain in Hand to help people to achieve those outcomes and use the data from the system to demonstrate this: You put the same things into Brain in Hand that are being measured by the council.”

    Brain in Hand user

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