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One of our biggest advocates is a 15 student from Devon.  With Asperger’s Syndrome has been using Brain in Hand for over a year and wanted us to share his views.

“I first heard about Brain in Hand from the SENCO at the school saying that this would be a good idea to test out. I liked the idea of being able to use a smartphone at school to get support.

“Before I had Brain in Hand I usually just made the day up as I went along, depending on the situation. And there were times when I really needed help, but wasn’t sure how to get it there and then. I was often disorganised.

“It was relatively simple to set up the system. The difficult bit was thinking ahead about potential problems and solutions. That’s why having a SENCO with me was really helpful. It took about a month in total to get it up and running; we found ten minutes here and there between lessons to add more to it as we went along.

“Well, after starting to use it, I found it really reassuring. One of the best things is that you have fixed plans for your day, rather than making it up as you go along, which is stressful. I like knowing what I am doing next, and having the timeline to look back at.

“Over time I’ve got more used to using the traffic lights. In the beginning I only pressed them once every couple of lessons, but now I use them a couple of times per lesson. I look at the solutions, too, and they help me to be more confident. For example I was in an engineering lesson, and realised that I was falling behind what the teacher was saying. Looking at my solutions reminded me that it was okay to ask for help. And if I press two ambers in class, I know that my SENCO will see that and know that I am going to need a bit more help that day.

“I’m a lot more organised than I used to be. My SENCO thinks so, too. My parents help out sometimes after school as well, and that’s really helped me to do all the things that I want to do outside of school. For example, I wanted to stay behind after school to get my astronomy GCSE a year early. Besides that I’ve done The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, badminton, the “Ten Tors” challenge and Tae Kwan Do. So it helps me outside of school, too”.

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