Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Emily, 22 lives at home whilst studying at college. She can often turn to self-destructive and self-harming behaviours.  She would like one day to live independently, but has needed constant supervision from her family. She has also found travelling alone hard; her increase in anxiety has stopped her from attempting this.

Emily has been given Brain in Hand to help her manage her anxiety.  She has entered all of her contingency plans for times that cause her problems such as traveling alone, issues at college and being home alone. This has helped her to solve problems such as what to do if there is a knock at the door, call on the telephone or other unscheduled events, which previously would have caused her distress.

Emily is taking real control over her anxiety.  Using Brain in Hand she regularly checks her anxiety levels and uses the traffic light alert feature if she has difficulty and needs extra help.

This approach has made Emily far more confident.  She is now able to travel on the bus to her outreach service unaided. Emily is now able to be at home for up to 4 hours without support from her family, a significant step towards her goal of living independently.

This move is also giving her step-mother freedom to engage in activities away from supporting Emily, including leaving for work in the day.

Perhaps most importantly since using Brain in Hand there has been a significant reduction in Emily’s self-destructive and self-harming behaviours.

Emily has been discharged from care management, community independent team support and no longer requires travel assistance.  She has also seen a reduction in the amount of specialist support she receives at college.  Together this has produced significant savings and by taking away some of the pressures, has reduced the possibility of carer breakdown.