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Improving Quality of Life

As part of an ongoing programme to support vulnerable adults, the Argenti telecare partnership of PA Consulting Group and Hampshire County Council has commissioned Brain in Hand for autistic people and those with a learning difficulty or common mental health condition.

Providing Brain in Hand has helped to improve lives and reduce the strain on carers and support services; users report benefits including improvements in independence, better self-management of anxiety, and fewer incidents of crisis or emergency. The system focuses on helping each person achieve the goals important to them; an extremely positive result is that people have achieved a significant number of firsts including independent travel, starting and staying in work, and living without support.

Each of these new goals represents significant steps forward to the individual: increased confidence, better self-management, and progress towards personal fulfilment, all contributing to a better quality of life.

Brain in Hand has also had a positive impact on carers and families, with users' increased independence taking some of the pressure off those who support them. It also translates to reductions in demand for services including day care workers and overnight support.

You can find a personal story from one user and her mother by clicking here.


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Mark Allen, Commissioning Manager for Adult Health and Care in Hampshire County Council, said:

“The programme has demonstrated that by arming people with access to their own coping strategies and giving them the option of requesting additional support when they need it, they are able to make good progress towards independence.

“I am also encouraged to see how technology can help take pressures off carers, as this is very important.

“The support services we provide are continually inspired by how technology can extend the reach of support services, helping them to be aware of potential problems early and provide support when people need help the most.”