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Managing emotions and keeping things on track

Following his diagnosis of obsessive compulsive personality disorder, Sui-Man’s clinical psychologist encouraged him to try Brain in Hand through his local social services in Brent.

Keeping things on track

When things are difficult, having the ability to lay things out step-by-step helps Sui-Man to work out the best course of action to overcome the obstacles before him. He uses Brain in Hand’s diary to remind him to do things so that he doesn’t forget anything, keeping life on track; when unexpected problems come up, he’s found it helpful to refer to his strategies for unplanned events.


Sui-Man talks to Brain in Hand about his experience


“It’s definitely had a positive impact on my life”

With Brain in Hand, Sui-Man can manage the challenges of day-to-day life better. He says it’s also been helpful for reminding himself that it’s OK to feel down: to acknowledge when things are tough, and to get help if he needs it.

And would he recommend Brain in Hand to others?


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