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Finding work with Employable Me

Award-winning BBC2 series Employable Me gives inspiring people a platform to prove that being different doesn't mean they have nothing to offer in work.

As part of the series, Brain in Hand was given to Alan, who's autistic and passionate about politics but has struggled to find a job despite having completed his degree, and Erica, who has Asperger syndrome and was unemployed for six years prior to taking part in the show. Both were determined to offer their talents to an employer who would value their skills and strengths, but both found finding and staying in work difficult.


Alan and Erica talk about their experience with Brain in Hand

Alan used Brain in Hand to help him navigate routines around his job placement, including reminders to complete his morning routine on time and plenty of strategies to call on in case things didn't go to plan. He made sure that his system included advice on manoeuvring social situations, reminding him of the appropriate and inappropriate topics to bring up during workplace discussions.

Erica filled her Brain in Hand with detailed information about appointments and solutions to help her independently deal with the things that she knew would be difficult for her around work. She often found that her anxiety could cause her to forget how to deal with things, but Brain in Hand helped to remind her of strategies that she knew would work for her.



Erica, who performed so well on her placement for Employable Me that she was offered a permanent job, said:

'Knowing Brain in Hand is there gives me a feeling of safety – I won’t go to work without it. With Brain in Hand I don’t need to worry about being anxious, as if anything happens I know I have someone there who can help.'

Alan also found the system useful, saying:

'It makes me feel relieved that I can access this at times of distress when I need it most. I’ve had a better experience of being in work because of Brain in Hand.

'I would recommend it to autistic people who can benefit from using it at time of stress, to remind them about things such as appointments and meetings and help plan for unexpected changes.'