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De Montfort University has transformed its support services by implementing Brain in Hand technology: this decision has helped more than one hundred young people to receive personalised support and flourish at University.

In our recent webinar, DMU’s Leanne Herbert shared the benefits achieved with Brain in Hand. We also heard about the importance of providing holistic support to all students, ensuring everyone is empowered to achieve their full potential; at DMU, Brain in Hand is a key piece of this puzzle.

Staff now have the ability to reach students in a more focused and effective way, putting practical solutions in place before issues turn into crises. Students are given personalised strategies, enabling them to cope better with study and independent living, and ultimately are enabled to stay in university when they might otherwise have had to withdraw; this can save the university tens of thousands of pounds per student.


Find out more…

For those who missed it, please watch and share a recording of the session to the right of this page. You can also find it on YouTube here.

Download the presentation slides with speaker notes (as a PDF).

Download the Q&A summary.


Next steps…

To find out more about how Brain in Hand can help strengthen your support services, please email us or call 01392 247909.

You can also book a bespoke online session for your team or arrange for a visit using the contact form below.

Alternatively, join one of our scheduled awareness webinar sessions to find out about our DSA-funded provision and how best to support students using Brain in Hand.


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