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Thank you for visiting our feedback page.

If you would prefer to give feedback by phone, please contact us on 01392 247909. We will be happy to help.


Please click the link below that best describes you…

I am a Brain in Hand user
and I have recently received Specialist Training to help me get started or get more out of my Brain in Hand.

I am a Brain in Hand user and I would like to give feedback about my experience of using of Brain in Hand


I support someone using Brain in Hand (I’m a family member, mentor, job coach, or other supporter) and I would like to give feedback about my perspective of Brain in Hand – please add your notes to the service users’ feedback, or use the form below

I am a professional (an assessor, supporter or disability professional) who has attended a Brain in Hand awareness session or webinar and I would like to give feedback about the session.


If you would like to send us feedback about something specific please complete the form below.  Leave the contact details blank if you would like this feedback to be anonymous.





What do we do with your feedback?

Thank you for agreeing to give us some feedback about your experiences with using Brain in Hand.

Your feedback will be anonymised and used for training and quality assurance purposes within Brain in Hand and our Service Delivery partners (our Specialist Trainers and Traffic Light Responders) – to help us understand how to improve Brain in Hand and the support we provide.

Aspects of your feedback may also be useful to help other Brain in Hand users or supporters to discover more about the uses of Brain in Hand and how they could benefit. If we would like to share some of your experiences with Brain in Hand users or supporters we will always show you what we are sharing first to check that you are comfortable with it and get your specific permission.

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Changing the Shape of University Mental Health Support Services with De Montfort University

De Montfort University has transformed its support services by implementing Brain in Hand technology: this decision has helped more than one hundred young people to receive personalised support and flourish at University. In our recent webinar, DMU’s Leanne Herbert shared the benefits achieved with Brain in Hand. We also heard about the importance of providing read more


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Employable Me's Erica won't go to work without her Brain in Hand

Erica, 46 from the Wirral was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when she was 32. She has been unemployed for the past six years. Erica finds social interaction at work hard, she feels people don't always understand her and sometimes see her as being less intelligent, because of her facial expressions. Read more >>

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