Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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It is estimated that 1 in 100 people are living with Autism in Hampshire; a lifelong condition, which touches the lives of many more.

Hampshire County Council, with its Argenti telehealthcare partnership, has introduced a smartphone app called Brain in Hand to support people receiving services from the County Council, helping them to access personalised support whenever and wherever they are and manage their anxiety.

The benefits are very individual to each person and evidence shows those who use Brain in Hand can remain independent at home. Some have also been able to re-enter the workplace because of the support the service can give.

Each user has the app set up specifically to help address their needs. It records their calendar, reminds them of tasks important to them and includes specific plans in place to help them solve problems they may encounter. For example, someone with Autism may struggle with an issue like the bus not turning up on time. If this happens, they can access their own best advice they know works for them (but cannot recall at times of heightened anxiety) and gives them the option to request additional help from the Argenti call response service through the app.

Around 40 people are supported by this service today and Hampshire County Council plans to continue to the use this service to support more people, and will be increasing the project to 100 users within the next two years.

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