Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Did you know that the cost of supporting an individual with autism or a mental health condition ranges from £33,000 to £98,000 per annum?

More than 30 local authorities and providers are using Brain in Hand to reduce the costs of support whilst dramatically improving outcomes. We’ve gathered 4 great examples:

shutterstock_291627656 Saving up to £26,500 on residential costs

The Devon Partnership NHS Trust reports that Brain in Hand is a key tool in helping individuals move from residential to independent living. This transition in care delivered savings of between £15,900 and £26,500 per individual – not bad for software that costs £20 per week.

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Saving £10,000 in one-to-one staffing

With an “Outstanding” Ofsted rated Additional Learning Support team, Sussex Coast College have saved £10,000 a year using Brain in Hand and “Wouldn’t be without it”. Brain in Hand gives students reassurance and instant access to the Learning Support Team when they want it, replacing one-to-one class room staff.


Cut individual travel budgets by £3,693

Many people with autism find public transport a huge challenge. Derek is a young man in his twenties who has autism and is frequently non-verbal. Derek had to rely on staff from Autism East Midands accompanying him to and from his day centre. With Brain in Hand, Derek is now able to use the local bus, saving more than 8 hours a week in support staff time.

shutterstock_343800929 Easing demand on night support staff

Night shift teams can sometimes feel stretched. The “security net” that Brain in Hand offers is reducing demand on such teams. One women with asperger’s would meltdown when alone at night; but Brain in Hand has given her “more confidence to be able to tackle issues” and significantly decrease her reliance on night time support. As one to one night time support is more than £100, this represents a vital saving.


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