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Following the tremendous success of last year’s Brain in Hand Minecraft Marathon, which raised an astonishing £1,045 for the amazing local charity Positively Autistic, it’s time to get building for another 24-hour Minecraftathon!

On Friday April 5th at 10am we’ll commence our annual building bonanza, which this year will have an underwater vibe: it’s the Maritime Minecraft Marathon, involving underwater and coastal creations. Marine, yes, but certainly not wishy-washy. We’ll be in Creative mode, meaning that we don’t need to worry about running out of blocks but will be free to build whatever we like, and anyone can join!

Why are BiH doing this?

This year we’re raising money for another fantastic local charity: SOCOPS, whose work with children on the autistic spectrum emphasises the importance of support for the whole family.

Children benefit from accessing activities such as art, music, dance, cooking, sports, team games, storytelling, animal experiences, and family trips out. Siblings (young carers) are activity encouraged to join in with these activities which are aimed at providing a positive experience for the autistic child whilst improving social interactive skills, self-esteem and confidence.

Parents and carers are also welcome to relax and enjoy a cuppa together, providing mutual support and passing on tips and shared experiences. Plus there are leaflets, signposts to advice and other services, and guest speakers.

SOCOPS share Brain in Hand’s vision for everyone to achieve their potential; find out more about SOCOPS here .

Every penny raised will go straight to SOCOPS to help them continue delivering these amazing services, so please donate and spread the word! And, of course, please do join us on April 5th to bring your seafaring sculptures and oceanic objects to life!

How can I help to support this awesome cause?

Well, the most direct way you can support SOCOPS is to donate via our GoFundMe page, which you can find here. Sharing it all over every platform you possibly can is also a huge help.

We’ve set a target of £250, which we really hope to be able to surpass – last year’s total of £1,045 will be hard to beat, but our colleague Jon has promised that if we can beat it, he’ll dye his hair purple for us! And… well, we REALLY want to see that, so let’s do our best to make it happen!

We also have a Facebook event page you can sign up to and share, and you’ll be able to watch us live-streamed at from 10am on Friday. Plus, we’ll be Tweeting some live updates from @BiHvsMinecraft!

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How can I join in the game?

Glad you asked! You’ll need to install the original Minecraft “Java Edition” on Windows, Mac or Linux (no other “edition” of the game on any platform can join, unfortunately; even the Windows 10 Edition). If you don’t already have it, you can get it from the official Minecraft website, although it currently costs £17.95 to purchase. If you’re not sure, you can try logging in to your Mojang account.

Once downloaded and installed, you’ll need to set it up to play the same version that our server is running, and then join the server! So here’s how to do that:

– In the Minecraft Launcher, click ‘Launch options’ (up near the top), then ‘Add new’ at the top of the list that appears. (It’ll just say ‘latest release’ if you’ve never added any others.)

– Now change the ‘Version’ to ‘Release 1.12.2’ and click ‘Save’. If you click ‘News’ at the top now, you can use the up arrow next to the big green ‘Play’ button at the bottom to select your new version, and click ‘Play’ to start the game! It could take a few minutes to download, so be patient.

– Once you’ve opened up the game, you should be in the main menu. Now select ‘Multiplayer’, then click on ‘Add Server’.

– In the window that opens, enter the following details:
– Server Name: Brain in Hand (or, actually, you can put whatever you want as long as you can recognise it!)
– Server address:

– Now click ‘Done’, select the server from the list and click ‘Join Server’, and you’re in!

Anybody will be able to join our server, so we ask everyone to be considerate of others and not harass anyone. If anyone’s being not very nice to others, they’ll get a warning. We hope not to have to ban anyone, but we can and will ban anyone if they cause too much trouble or continue to deliberately upset others. Everybody deserves to have fun, so please just don’t ruin it for anyone else.

Thanks very much for your support, and we hope to see you soon!