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On Friday 8th April, we will be running our third minecraft marathon and there are three ways you can help!

Yes, to celebrate world autism awareness week, raise money for The National Autistic Society and our local radio station “Positively Autistic” at Dame Hannah Rogers Trust, we will be running our third epic Minecraft game. Our first Minecraft Marathon in 2014 recreated our offices at the University of Exeter, and in 2015, players collaborated to build a village in our company colours of purple and green.

This year we are teaming up with technical wizards Wossname Industries to create a world called “Memepark.” From 10am until 10pm, players will enter our Minecraft world where they will create their favourite internet memes within a giant themepark; be it NyanCat, Philosoraptor or LOLcats.

It will be an autism-friendly space with players joining by invitation only and moderators present. We’ll be live-streaming the game on Twitch, along with a webcam, so you can follow our progress as we are joined by members of the Brain in Hand team – and a virtual visit from @autismfather, founder of Autcraft.

There are three ways we’d love you to help:

  1. Join in! To book your free place and receive logon details, email
  2. Spread the word. If you know someone who would enjoy participating online, please let them know.
  3. Sponsor us.  The money goes to two great causes – the National Autistic Society will receive our online fundraising, and local radio station Positively Autistic will receive the cash donations we collect on the day. Please give what you like and help us keep mining! Donate

It should be a great day. To find out more, please do get in touch.

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