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Password advice for users

This page last updated in December 2020, when our password requirements were updated to help make passwords more secure.

Here is some advice to help you create a secure password. As always, please click here to contact our support team if you experience any issues.

  • You can create long passwords by joining three random words together and adding special characters. For example, you could have ‘c0ffeetrainfish!’ or ‘Wallt1nsh1rt’ - but don’t use obvious sequences like ‘onetwothree’.
  • Always use unique passwords for your different accounts. So don’t use the same one for Brain in Hand that you use for your email address, social media profile, or any other account you have.
  • If you think your passwords may have been compromised or you notice anything else suspicious, always change your password immediately and report it to Brain in Hand.
  • When creating passwords, make sure they can’t be easily guessed by people who know you, or derived from information available on your social media profiles. Don’t use names of pets, friends, places you live or were born etc. Avoid the use of single dictionary words, or variations of these.

Store your passwords rather than trying to remember them all. This enables you to use longer, stronger, unique passwords and change them whenever you want, without making life too hard for yourself.

We recommend that you use a password manager for password storage. ‌These can easily create and maintain long, complex, unique passwords for every service you use.