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Resources for students using Brain in Hand

This page contains resources and downloadable information for students using Brain in Hand via the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA).

If you are using Brain in Hand but are not accessing it via DSA, the resources you will need may be slightly different, so we would recommend that you click here to visit our 'User Resources' page.

For troubleshooting, including technical information such as device compatibility requirements, click here to visit our troubleshooting page for users.

Extra support can be requested at any time by contacting Brain in Hand - you can call 01392 247 909, email, or get in touch via social media (click here for more details on our 'Contact Us' page).

If you'd like to tell us about your Brain in Hand experience, you can give feedback (anonymously if you would prefer) by clicking here to visit our feedback page.


If you are:

- A student who has been recommended Brain in Hand as part of your DSA Support Provision but has not yet registered with us, please click here to register and receive DSA-funded support

- A DSA Needs Assessor or practitioner and want to recommend Brain in Hand for a student, please click here to refer a student and receive a quote

- A Workplace Assessor or Employer and want to recommend Brain in Hand for an employee, intern or apprentice, please click here to refer a candidate and receive a quote.

Workbook and useful information

If you are a student who has only just been recommended Brain in Hand as part of your support provision, we recommend starting with the 'What Happens Now?' document at the top of the list below.

Then you can click here to register as a new student.

Once you've registered and familiarised yourself with the process, you can download your workbook below to prepare for getting started with Brain in Hand. Our workbook has been designed to help guide you and your supporter through setting up your Brain in Hand together.

We've also created copies of a couple of specific pages from the workbook: the Diary Events worksheet and Unplanned Events worksheet are available from the list of documents below, in addition to the full workbook.

Plus there are a few useful documents about how to make sure your device is suitable for Brain in Hand and how to use some of its most helpful features.

Links & Documents

Video tutorials

We've created some video tutorials which you can watch to learn more about how to use Brain in Hand.

These videos can be viewed via your Brain in Hand account homepage, or you can click the links below to see them on YouTube.

Your Specialist Training

We will allocate you a Specialist Trainer to help you set up Brain in Hand and support you to develop your first strategies.

Once your Specialist Training session has been arranged, you will receive a link to activate your Brain in Hand account so you can get started together.

Before your first session, it's a good idea to:

During your first session, you will need:

  • Up to two hours to talk about what Brain in Hand can help you with and start to put strategies into your website;
  • Somewhere quiet where you can use a laptop or computer with an internet connection.

We encourage you to invite your Specialist Mentor or another supporter (such as a family member) to your Specialist Training sessions, if appropriate - they can join in person or remotely using video-conferencing software.

If a supporter would like to know more, they can click here to view our Supporters' Guide.

If you need to rearrange or cancel a session, you can do so with your Specialist Trainer directly, or you can email us at Please give at least 24 hours' notice before the session you wish to cancel or rearrange.

Terms and Conditions, Guidelines, and FAQs

You can read the full terms and conditions for using your Brain in Hand system by clicking here to visit our 'User Terms and Conditions' page. This page also contains information about our safeguarding, complaints, and cancellation procedures.

(If your licence is provided to you by your university, and not funded via DSA, please visit your university support site for your specific Terms and Conditions.)

For information about the Traffic Light Response Services provided by Medvivo and the National Autistic Society, please download the relevant document:

To notify us that you would like to change your Traffic Light Responder preferences, please click here.

You may also find the following pages useful:

If you have any questions which have not been answered in any of the available materials, you may wish to click here to view our 'Brain in Hand FAQs for Users' document.

You are of course welcome to get in touch with any questions at any time by calling us on 01392 247 909, emailing, or contacting us via Facebook Messenger.

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about any aspect of Brain in Hand, you can email us at or call 01392 247 909. You can also reach us via Facebook Messenger, the live chat on this website, or the contact form below.