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Brain in Hand users: make your voices heard.

Can you help us shape Brain in Hand?

We're constantly striving to make a difference and improve people's lives, but we can't do it without hearing and learning from people who use Brain in Hand.

We believe nothing should be done for a group of people without those people being involved. With insight from users like you, we'll be able to make our system better so that more people can really benefit.

Every one of our users is unique, so we really want to make sure that as many voices as possible are represented in what we do.

A man in a wheelchair with his dog

We're looking for people to share their experiences with Brain in Hand, or become involved in helping us improve our system for current and future users. If that could be you, let us know.

You can contribute as much or as little as you like. We'll be grateful for any comments, suggestions, or ideas on what we do well and how we could do even better.

Perhaps you have really good ideas to make Brain in Hand better, maybe sharing your story could help us reach more people, or you might want to join our user panel to help steer our future development.

How can you make your voice heard?

If you want to be part of making Brain in Hand a better and more inclusive experience, please click the Contact button below to get in touch, and we'll do all we can to find an opportunity for your views to be represented.

If you prefer, you can also email us directly at


Connor Ward, Brain in Hand User Experience Specialist, invites you to make your voice heard




(Please note: with our User Voices information, we're looking for users to help us shape our system for the future. If you would like to report an issue, please click here to access our support centre rather than using this page.)