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Digital self-management tools - Personalised to the individual - Available wherever and whenever needed

Brain in Hand is a unique digital professional support system. Whenever we provide support to an individual, we tailor it to their own requirements – and, just as importantly, their own strengths and goals. We work with individuals to help them decide for themselves what it is they want to achieve and then give them the tools to do it: working together to develop strategies that use their strengths to overcome problems, we make sure our users have access to their own best advice at all times. Little changes can make all the difference between someone’s anxiety causing them to avoid going out and that same person then being able to work, to be social, to study – whatever it is that’s important to them. Below, you’ll find information on how the system works and the pathways and funding that can be used to access it. If you are interested in using Brain in Hand or know someone it would be appropriate for, please contact us to find out more. Click Here

Personalised user setup with a Brain in Hand Specialist

Over one or two sessions, one of our approved Specialists will work with individuals to set up the Brain in Hand system and software in the way that’s best suited to their needs. Specialists work with users, thinking about their strengths and goals to identify practical solutions that will help overcome day-to-day challenges. All the information in the user’s system is co-produced with the individual and their supporters and put down in language that makes sense to them, so it is truly personalised.

Self-Management tools: web and mobile software

Individuals can quickly find their best coping strategies for issues that cause them problems, access a structured diary and stock of activities that could happen unscheduled, receive prompts for things they need to remember, and use an inbuilt mood monitor. The mobile software also enables users to monitor their own wellbeing and connect easily to the people supporting them. As all these features are accessible by mobile, they will always be available when they are needed and can be used discreetly.

Responder support

Brain in Hand is set apart by the team of support professionals to whom the system is linked. Help is at hand if needed, allowing users to manage problems on their own so that issues don’t escalate into crisis. Our responders are trained to listen and help users get back on track, not tell them what to do; responders can also communicate with the user’s personal supporter if needed. Every user is guided through the responder service during their personal planning stage; each person can set the level of responder support they feel they need and specify how they would like the service to contact them.

What does it cost and how can you get Brain in Hand?

Brain in Hand is available for purchase as a private licence, or via funding pathways: allowances available to individuals for independence, study, or work can be used to purchase the system, or it can be provided by local authorities, support providers, and charitable organisations. Below you’ll find some signposting to services that may be appropriate for you, in addition to the costs for users who purchase the system privately.

Brain in Hand for Students – Higher Education

Brain in Hand is approved by student funding bodies across the UK; students in higher education may qualify for the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA), which can provide Brain in Hand for the duration of a student’s time on their course of study. Students will need to arrange an appointment with a DSA needs assessor (find an assessor near either your home time or term time address here) and ask that the assessor recommends Brain in Hand as part of their support provision for higher education.

Brain in Hand for Students – School or College

Many Local Authorities will provide funding for Brain in Hand for those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The best starting point is always for students and their parents or supporters to talk to their Special Needs Co-ordinator and request that BiH is included in their Plan.

Brain in Hand for employment

The government’s Access to Work scheme can be used to access Brain in Hand in the workplace, helping people to find or stay in employment while managing anxiety and improving wellbeing. Potential users should discuss their interest in applying for funding of this type with their employer.

Personal Independence Payment

As Brain in Hand assists people to live more independently, the system can be secured via PIP funding. It is always a good idea to talk to health and social workers to enlist their help with funding pathways.

Support Providers

Support-providing organisations such as local authorities, NHS trusts, universities, employers, and charities can purchase Brain in Hand on behalf of the people they support. If you are receiving support from professionals, a good first step is to talk to your supporter about your interest in Brain in Hand and see whether they might be able to help you access the system. If they are not aware of Brain in Hand, then please ask them to get in touch with us; we are always happy to talk to supporters, social workers and other providers about Brain in Hand and how it can help individuals navigate through life.

Private Support Plans – Options

We offer privately funded support packages for those who do not have access to a funding pathway. We are always happy to talk through options with individuals and supporters to identify the most appropriate package for each person and provide signposting to any potentially relevant funding streams. 

Full Support Package:

  • 2 x 2-hour personal planning sessions
  • Brain in Hand 12-month software licence
  • Linked Responder Support service (Available for people aged 16 and over)
  • Cost: £1470 per annum

Independence Support Package:

  • 3 x 2-hour personal planning sessions
  • Brain in Hand 12-month software licence
  • The end user can nominate their own linked responder support (i.e. parent or another supporter)
  • Cost: £1218 per annum

The prices above include VAT. Monthly payment options are available – an administration charge will apply for this service. Please contact us if anything is unclear.

Payment and Delivery

Payment is required prior to delivery; you can set up subscription payments using this link. Please contact us for advice before you do this so that we can make sure you are receiving the correct package for you. Brain in Hand software subscriptions can be activated remotely by secure email link.

Enquire Want to get Brain in Hand?

About Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is a unique support system. Developed by Dr Tony Brown, the Clinical Director of the Southampton Autism Diagnostic Research Centre, Brain in Hand is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the ward-winning system has been independently proven to help reduce anxiety and improve independence. Lots of people choose Brain in Hand using their respite care, EHCP or PIP funding.

Brain in Hand includes three main parts:

Personal plan

Over one or two sessions, one of our approved trainers will work with you to set-up the Brain in Hand software and website system in the way that’s best suited to your needs. They will work with you to identify the practical solutions that will help overcome the challenges you face in day to day life and achieve your goals.


From your mobile, you can quickly find your best coping strategies for issues that cause you problems, access your diary, receive prompts for things you need to remember, and use our in-built anxiety monitor.

Linked support service

What sets Brain in Hand apart is the team of professionals. They keep an eye on your anxiety monitor and get in touch when you need extra help by text or a call; helping you to solve problems that initially you can’t fix yourself.

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