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Helping students flourish

School, college and university days are a time of growth. But young people with autism, mental health conditions or learning disabilities face additional challenges. Brain in Hand helps young people to reduce anxieties and grow vital independence skills.

A unique support system, Brain in Hand gives students access to detailed personalised support, when and where they need it, from their phone or iPad. If additional help is needed the student can request urgent assistance from support staff discretely through the Brain in Hand app. This enables quick intervention and gives the student reassurance that support staff are there.

A trial by The National Autistic Society amongst university students demonstrated that it delivers a significant reduction in anxiety plus an increase in confidence and independence. This is important for transition management and student retention.

Students at more than one hundred universities, colleges and schools across the UK now use Brain in Hand. It strengthens student support services, helping to reach more students. See their stories here.

How to buy or recommend Brain in Hand

Schools, colleges and universities

From a central website, support staff have visibility of everyone’s usage information, latest anxiety levels and can be alerted if anyone is distressed, so that you can help before a situation escalates.

This insight means you’re better informed when talking with each pupil during periods of reflection or planning. The time-stamped detailed information also helps in service planning.

Schools and Colleges can buy a group of licences or an individual license. Each licence lasts for one year and can be transferred from one individual to another.

We put together a set-up, installation and training package that will work best for your organisation. Please call us on 01392 247909 to discuss your needs.

Supported Internships

Brain in Hand helps colleges, sixth forms and internship providers to extend their support, helping students with autism, a mental health condition or learning disability to feel confident, able to access support 24 hours a day, wherever they are, even when on placement.

We work with colleges to put together a package to meet your needs and can support you in any grant applications.

Find out more here, or to receive a quote and support for your application, email or call 01392 247909.


Working with Local Authorities, schools, colleges and Universities across the UK are starting to adopt Brain in Hand to support their pupils. So check with your educational establishment to find out if they can arrange Brain in Hand for your child.

Parents of pupils can also buy the Brain in Hand system directly from us. To buy, please fill out our booking form.

If you are unable to afford Brain in Hand, there are also government funding options (please see below).

Students eligible for funding (DSA, EHCP)

If you’re applying to do a higher education course at university, at the same time, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). To do this you will need a letter from your GP stating when you were diagnosed and crucially also how your diagnosis will impact your life at university.

Once awarded with your Disabled Students Allowance, arrange an appointment with a DSA Assessor near you. They will be able to work with you to plan what support will make the biggest difference to you, be it extra support, equipment or help with travel.

Brain in Hand is approved by Student Finance England to be purchased using your Disabled Students Allowance and so please ask your DSA assessor to request it. We have resources to support DSA assessors here.

After you have received your Needs Assessment Report and your DSA2 letter, in which Student Finance England approves your equipment, please complete our registration form to help us book you onto the Brain in Hand system.

Many local authorities know about us and will provide funding for Brain in Hand students with an EHCP. The best starting point is to talk to your Special Needs Co-ordinator and ask them to help you to get Brain in Hand included in the EHCP. If they want to know more about us they can call us on 01392 247909.

DSA Assessors

Brain in Hand is approved by Student Finance England to be purchased using the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

To help DSA Asessors find out more about Brain in Hand, to better identify students who will benefit from using the technology, and guide you through the paperwork, please take a look at our DSA Assessor information page.

Non-Medical Helpers (NMHs)

Non-Medical Helpers (NMHs) provide important, practical support to university students, which often includes using Brain in Hand. To help NMHs use Brain in Hand and give the best support to students, we have a resource page which can be found here.

  • It’s like having an invisible buddy that can help you and get you through it

    Kathleen, Student at University of East London.
  • Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence.

    Dagmawit Mekuria, Student at Middlesex University
  • We’ve adopted Brain in Hand as part of our plan. This cutting edge technology will help transform our service provision and student satisfaction. Initially 200 of our students will be given this empowering app.

    Tina Sharpe, Head of Disability Advice and Support, De Montfort University.
  • Brain in Hand is helping us narrow the achievement gap for more vulnerable learners. Our team was described as outstanding in our Ofsted and Brain in Hand helped us achieve this. We wouldn’t be without it now!

    Vicky Chainey, Head of Student Support, Sussex Coast College.
  • Our student really enjoyed having Brain in Hand. The independence it brought to him was without question the biggest advantage of it.

    Hannah Parks, Lead SENCO, QE Academy Trust.