Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) covers a wide range of conditions, from stroke to traumatic brain injury.  It’s a major cause of disability in the UK with over a million people living with ABI’s long-term consequences including cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems that limit independence and restrict participation in society.

Brain in Hand was developed to help people achieve greater independence, manage mood problems and reduce dependence on external support.  Originally deployed to help people with autism, clinicians spotted many of the everyday challenges that Brain in Hand helps to overcome are also faced by those with an Acquired Brain Injury.

Brain in Hand is working with Nottingham University Medical School, two Healthcare Technology Co-operatives (MindTech and Brain injurury HTC), three academic health science networks and ABI clinicians across Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust and Wirral University Teaching Hospitals to develop and apply Brain in Hand to help people with an Acquired Brain Injury to gain more independence and reach their potential as part of their rehabilitation.

We are also running an evaluation project with individuals with ABI to determine how much the assistive technology can accelerate their rehabilitation, support them with long-term care needs and provide them with a tool to increase levels of independence.

If you are interested in getting involved with our project and learning more about how Brain in Hand can support individuals recovering from an Acquired Brain Injury, please get in touch.