A unique assistive technology support system enabling individuals to be their best – confident, motivated, supported and in control. Using smartphone technology and a secure website, Brain in Hand allows users to achieve goals and levels of independence that were previously not possible.

How it works

Get planning

Use your private, secure website to plot your diary and think ahead about daily challenges that you might face, and what works for you to overcome them.

In your pocket

Access your schedule and solutions on your phone, whenever and wherever you need them. Monitor your mood and anxiety as you go along using the traffic lights.

Help at the touch of a button

Need a little more help? When your anxiety level gets too high, our system alerts a person of your choice and tells them to get in touch with you straight away.

Discover more about our mentoring service.

Review your data

Return to your website whenever you like to review your progress. You can change your diary, or add new coping strategies, at any time - the system evolves to suit you.


Knowing that you have all your best thinking available on demand in your pocket, backed up with support when you need it most, gives you greater confidence and independence.

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“If you don’t know what the problem is then no one can help you. So ask for help. Brain in Hand will give it to you.”

Brain in Hand user

“We can see how extremely helpful these aspects of Brain in Hand will be as he approaches the start of college.”

Parent of Brain in Hand user

“Brain in Hand is unlike conventional support and puts the user in control, so support only responds when asked. It reduces the need for clinical support and associated cost, allowing limited resources to be deployed elsewhere.”