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Reduce anxiety. Improve confidence. Achieve your goals.

If you have autism, a mental health condition or learning disability, Brain in Hand is a personalised support system that you can access anytime, anywhere from your phone, to help reduce anxiety and make a difference to your life.

It includes unique software packed with features, including a diary, your notes for difficult to remember tasks and easy access to your best coping strategies for all the problems you commonly encounter.

Alongside the software Brain in Hand includes ongoing support through a telephone mentor service. If things get too much, you can request additional help. With the touch of a red button on the app an alert is sent to your preferred support organisation. This may be one of our partners such as The National Autistic Society, or your existing support organisation or a family member – your choice. 

How does it work?

Brain in Hand is designed to arm you with access to your own personalised support from an app on your phone.  It’s packed with features including:

Never Forget – A diary and notes for difficult to remember tasks

Enter events and routines into your Brain in Hand diary so you can plan ahead and make sure no events or activities are missed.

Reduce Anxiety – Access to pre-planned coping strategies instantly

Everyone faces different challenges in life and know which coping strategies work best for them. But when under pressure this can be forgotten.  Brain in Hand gives you easy and instant access to your best thinking when it’s needed most.

Feel supported – Track your anxiety levels and request extra support if you need it

Brain in Hand helps you to monitor your anxiety.  Throughout the day you will be prompted to indicate your anxiety levels using a traffic light icon on your phone:  Green if everything is fine, amber if feeling uneasy or red if extra support is needed.  This helps keeps support staff aware of feelings and informs periods of reflection.

Alongside the regular monitoring, if coping strategies aren’t working and extra help is needed, at any time the red traffic light can be pressed which will send an alert to your preferred supporter, letting them know extra help is needed.  This enables them to provide help as quickly as possible to de-escalate a situation.

From a secure website you have access to your usage information and latest anxiety levels. This insight is very helpful for you to help periods of reflection or spotting where you need new coping strategies.

How does it help?

Arming you with a diary, access to your own coping strategies and giving you the option of requesting additional support when you need it, helps reduce anxieties, build confidence and help keep your life and goals on track.

All of your activity on Brain in Hand is saved to a secure website. This helps you to better reflect on your day or month and help you set new goals.

How to buy & funding

You can buy one or all elements of our unique support system.

If you purely want the software, with all the features it brings, an annual licence costs £540.

We strongly recommend set-up with one of our recommended professional trainers, who can ensure you get the most from the system. The price for this varies depending on your needs, but a typical cost for sessions over 4 hours is £280.

The telephone mentor service can be delivered by an existing support provider or family member.  Alternatively one of our partner support providers, such as The National Autistic Society, can provide support for an unlimited number of requests, each time taking as long as is needed, for £550 each year.

Our system is unique and can make a huge difference to people’s lives.  We understand that some people may experience difficulties affording it. People in some parts of the UK are given Brain in Hand as part of the support service provided by their local council, social service, autism charity, school or university. If you find Brain in Hand hard to afford please ask your support provider.  If they currently don’t provide Brain in Hand, please do share our details with them and encourage them to speak with us.

Brain in Hand can also be funded through a number of government schemes including:

Disabled Students Allowance: Students can fund Brain in Hand through their DSA. Please request Brain in Hand at your assessment.

Access to Work: If you need extra help to start or stay in work, Brain in Hand can be funded by schemes including Access to Work or The Work Programme.  Please request Brain in Hand at your assessment.

Personal Budgets: Brain in Hand can be paid for using a personal budget, as it is aid that can be included in your support plan.

Please call or email us to talk through your options and buy Brain in Hand. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.


  • It’s as though I have that older Rosie in my pocket and I can call her up for advice whether I’m just a little uneasy or having a full blown panic attack. Because of my Brain in Hand, I am becoming more and more of a strong, independent woman with no chill every single day.

    Rosie, student, Roehampton University
  • There are many aspects of University life I find challenging. Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence.

    Dagmawit, student, Middlesex University
  • I’m currently using Brain in Hand and this has helped me as I know that I have something to call upon if I get stressed at work. It has been like a ‘comfort blanket’ to me.

    Sarah, 30, Dental Nurse
  • After Ben started using Brain in Hand, very quickly changes started to happen. He is now able to take public transport to places he has never to before, he can start conversations, has learned how to say ‘no’ and has even started a new job.

    Ben's supporter
  • Bethan had struggled with stress ... and getting from A to B, for a long time. Since she got Brain in Hand, she managed to sit her GCSEs and surprised us by how well she did, and is managing life in a completely new college environment.

    Kate, Bethan's Mum.

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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