Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Reduce anxiety. Feel safe. Increase independence.

Brain in Hand gives easy access to personalised support from an app on your phone. It’s packed with features to help you remember activities, reduce anxiety and feel safe.

The software can be accompanied by remote support from The National Autistic Society to help you at times when you need extra help.

Brain in Hand helps you achieve your goals – whether that’s travelling independently, staying in school, going to college or university, starting work for the first time or just learning how to deal better with life’s up and downs.

Amongst people using the system 94% report that it’s having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say it provides them with help when they need it. Read our user’s inspiring stories here.

How does it work?

Brain in Hand is designed to arm you with access to your own personalised support from an app on your phone.

A trained professional spends time working with you to establish your goals and setting-up Brain in Hand to help you to best overcome your challenges and meet your goals. The system is linked-up to either your existing support network or to our partner the National Autistic Society.

Download the app now from your app store to see our great new demo:



How does it help?

Arming you with a diary, access to your own coping strategies and giving you the option of requesting additional support when you need it, helps reduce anxieties, build confidence and help keep your life and goals on track.

Amongst people using the system 94% report that it’s having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say it provides them with help when they need it.

Take a look through our case studies to see how it’s helped others achieve their goals.

How to buy & funding

If you would like one of our team to work out the package that’s right for you or to set you up with the system, please call 01392 247909 or email

There are a number of options when buying Brain in Hand:

Simple tariff
Brain in Hand software costs £45 per month*. This includes a software licence, including all of the features and unlimited capacity for problems and solutions. The red button support can be linked to an existing support or family member of your choice.

Alongside the simple tariff, there are additional elements that can be added including:

Professional set-up
To help you get the most out of Brain in Hand, we recommend you work with one of our trained experts who will work with you one to one, to discuss your needs and challenges and help set-up Brain in Hand to best meet your needs and ensure you understand how to use it. The price for this varies depending on how much time you need. A typical cost for two separate face to face support sessions (2 hours each) is £280 +VAT. For many of our clients this is an invaluable part of their journey towards independence.

Remote support from The National Autistic Society
Many people like the added security of knowing they can request extra support from a trained professional. If you are experiencing anxiety and your solutions aren’t enough, within the Brain in Hand software, for an extra £46 per month*, you can send a red button alert to The National Autistic Society, to request extra help. The trained team will provide you with telephone or text support to help get your day back on track.

Need help funding Brain in Hand?
We understand that some people may experience difficulties affording Brain in Hand. If this is you, we will work with you to try and identify if there is a support organisation or government fund who may be able to help.

People in some parts of the UK are given Brain in Hand as part of the support service provided by their local council, social service, autism charity, school or university. It is also approved within schemes including Access to Work, Disabled Students Allowance, Personal Budget support or Education Health and Care Plan.

If you are supported by one of these organisations or schemes, please get in touch and we will supply you with the right information to take to your provider to help you receive a funded Brain in Hand licence. Please call 01392 247909 or email

*Brain in Hand and the NAS Facilitation service is £91 +VAT per month when purchased annually. An administration fee is chargeable on monthly payment options, totalling a monthly payment of £99 +VAT.

  • It’s as though I have that older Rosie in my pocket and I can call her up for advice whether I’m just a little uneasy or having a full blown panic attack. Because of my Brain in Hand, I am becoming more and more of a strong, independent woman with no chill every single day.

    Rosie, student, Roehampton University
  • There are many aspects of University life I find challenging. Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence.

    Dagmawit, student, Middlesex University
  • I’m currently using Brain in Hand and this has helped me as I know that I have something to call upon if I get stressed at work. It has been like a ‘comfort blanket’ to me.

    Sarah, 30, Dental Nurse
  • Bethan had struggled with stress ... and getting from A to B, for a long time. Since she got Brain in Hand, she managed to sit her GCSEs and surprised us by how well she did, and is managing life in a completely new college environment.

    Kate, Bethan's Mum.
  • After Ben started using Brain in Hand, very quickly changes started to happen. He is now able to take public transport to places he has never to before, he can start conversations, has learned how to say ‘no’ and has even started a new job.

    Ben's supporter

Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

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