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Deliver outstanding support and help students flourish

School and college is a time of growth, but young people with autism, mental health conditions or learning disabilities face additional challenges.  Leading schools and colleges are introducing Brain in Hand alongside, and instead of, one-to-one support to help students reduce anxieties and grow vital independence skills.

A unique support software Brain in Hand gives students access to detailed personalised support, when and where they need it, from their phone or iPad.  If additional support is needed the pupil can request urgent assistance from support staff discretely through Brain in Hand. This enables quick intervention and gives the pupil reassurance that support staff are there.

Students using the technology have seen a reduction in anxiety, experienced fewer crisis events and engage more in education.  They also like that they don’t ‘stand out from the crowd’ and that they’re ‘using technology to improve their life, just like their friends’.  Schools and college staff report that Brain in Hand helps deliver vital support to a wider number of pupils and is a key tool to become recognised as delivering outstanding support.

How does it work?

Brain in Hand is designed to arm students with access to personalised support from an app on their phone.  It’s packed with features including:

Never Forget – A diary and notes for difficult to remember tasks

Enter classes, clubs and routines into your Brain in Hand diary so you can plan ahead and make sure no events or activities are missed.

Reduce Anxiety – Access to pre-planned coping strategies instantly

Everyone faces different challenges in life and know which coping strategies work best for them. But when under pressure this can be forgotten.  Brain in Hand gives easy and instant access to a person’s best thinking when it’s needed most.

Feel supported – Track your anxiety levels and request extra support if you need it

Brain in Hand helps people to monitor their anxiety.  Throughout the day they will be prompted to indicate their anxiety levels using a traffic light icon on their phone:  Green if everything is fine, amber if feeling uneasy or red if extra support is needed.  This helps keeps support staff aware of feelings and informs periods of reflection.

Alongside the regular monitoring, if coping strategies aren’t working and extra help is needed, at any time the red traffic light can be pressed which will send an alert to support staff, letting them know extra help is needed.  This enables staff to provide help as quickly as possible to de-escalate a situation.

From a central website, staff have visibility of everyone’s usage information, latest anxiety levels and can be alerted if anyone is distressed. This monitoring and insight means they are better informed when talking with each pupil during periods of reflection or planning. They also have time-stamped detailed information to help staff planning and commissioning meetings.

How does it help?

Arming students with a diary, access to their own coping strategies and giving them the option of requesting additional support when they need it, helps reduce anxieties and helps make real progress towards independence.

The ability to access to detailed usage information about how the app has been used also helps support staff to shed light on new issues, reveals which solutions are working best.

Amongst those using the system results have been dramatic.  94% of those using Brain in Hand report that it’s having a positive impact on their life, 88% cope better with problems and feel more confident and 100% say Brain in Hand provides them with help when they need it.  This confidence helps people to do more things including attending school, travelling independently and attending work experience.  It helps pupils develop the skills and experience vital for success.

How to buy & funding

Schools and Colleges can buy a group of licences or an individual license.  Each licence lasts for one year and can be transferred from one individual to another.  A single Brain in Hand licence costs £540 and discounts are available for purchases above ten licenses.

We put together a set-up, installation and training package that will work best for your organisation. 

Parents of pupils can also buy an individual license for their child. More information for individuals looking to buy Brain in Hand can be found here.   

  • Brain in Hand is helping us narrow the achievement gap for more vulnerable learners. Our team was described as outstanding in our Ofsted and Brain in Hand helped us achieve this. We wouldn’t be without it now!

    Vicky Chainey, Head of Student Support, Sussex Coast College
  • I wish that there had been something like this when I was a headteacher of a challenging school for those individuals who were either autistic or suffered from anxiety. It would have added another level of support.

    Parent of pupil using Brain in Hand
  • Our student really enjoyed having Brain in Hand. The independence it brought to him was without question the biggest advantage of it.

    Hannah Parks, Lead SENCO, QE Academy Trust
  • It's been reassuring for me too.  It means a lot to know that my son has a way of remembering his coping strategies and what to do when he's having a bit more of a tough time at school.

    Parent of pupil using Brain in Hand

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