Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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“I have a Brain in hand phone and it’s helped me to control my anxieties and stress.” CHALLENGE Luke, 47, was one of the first people to be supported by Autism East Midlands when it founded in 1968.  Luke attended the charity’s school, lived in its residential home and now lives independently in a flat read more

“You can’t get more individual than Brain in Hand and the evidence information is invaluable.” Jane Howson, CEO, Autism East Midlands It is estimated that there are 45,000 people living with Autism in the East Midlands; a lifelong condition, it touches the lives of 180,000 people across the region.  Founded by a group of parents read more

Sarah Alexander, 30, from Farnborough in Hampshire is on the autistic spectrum. She has found it hard to stay in employment for longer than three to four months. But since using Brain in Hand, things have changed. Sarah has been using Brain in Hand software for a number of months now. It gives her access read more

University can be a challenging experience for students. But for almost two and a half thousand(1) students with autism spectrum conditions within each year’s intake, it can be especially tough.  The condition can bring additional difficulties – from managing their own time, dealing with changes in a course schedule, to coping with social interaction.  These challenges read more

When Bethan’s GCSEs loomed on the horizon, Kate, her mum, began to worry about how her daughter would cope.  Bethan is 16 and has Asperger’s syndrome.  She’s bright and capable in many ways but was easily stressed when faced with new challenges at school. Through their contacts at Wirral Autistic Society’s Rainbow Resource Centre, Kate read more

Every year two and a half thousand young people with autism start out on university life.  But faced with the additional challenges brought by their condition the experience can be overwhelming and a higher drop-out rate is seen.  Yet with support or inclusive practice, students with autism can excel in higher education. A team of read more

One of our biggest advocates is a 15 student from Devon.  With Asperger’s Syndrome has been using Brain in Hand for over a year and wanted us to share his views. “I first heard about Brain in Hand from the SENCO at the school saying that this would be a good idea to test out. read more