Get access to our personalised support system

Brain in Hand is an all-in-one coaching platform to help you manage overwhelm, reduce anxiety and gain motivation.

Build the life you want with 1:1 coaching and thrive day-to-day with personalised digital tools.

Build your independence with a personalised support system

At Brain in Hand, we help you build a support system that works for you, with professional support and simple digital tools at your fingertips.


Your personal coach will help you to break down challenges, develop coping strategies, and achieve your goals.


You’ll have simple digital tools for structured daily planning and mood tracking with prompts and reminders.


If you need us, we’re here with 24/7 on-demand support. We’ll help you overcome those unexpected daily challenges.

Personal 1:1 coaching sessions

Your expert coach is here to understand your priorities, difficulties, goals, and motivations. Together, you’ll develop coping strategies and structured routines that work for you. They’ll help keep you motivated and confident every step of the way.

Tools to manage your day-to-day

Apply your strategies and routines with simple digital tools for time management and problem-solving. Your personalised routines, prompts, and reminders will help you confidently navigate daily tasks and challenges. You can also capture and reflect on your feelings everyday.

On-demand support 24/7

If you feel overwhelmed or need a little extra support, we’re only a tap away. You can reach out 24 hours a day for some encouragement, guidance, or a few words of wisdom. A Brain in Hand responder will get back to you by phone, text, or email to help you reset.

Ready-made coping strategies

You’ll have access to a library of practical, ready-made solutions for daily challenges. These are tried and tested solutions, developed and used by real people just like you. You can use these solutions packs to discover and discuss new coping strategies.

How much does it cost?

• Up to 2x 30 min coaching credits a month
Extra onboarding coaching sessions in the first 3 months
• On-demand phone, email or text support 24/7
• Unlimited access to digital tools and content via the app

Initial 3-month commitment, then a rolling monthly license - cancel anytime

Life-changing results from our community

When you pair brilliant community members with expert coaches, great things happen.

"Brain in Hand reminded me that I have a life and I can actually live it this time."


"Brain in Hand provides me with the reminders to stay on track when my ADHD brain becomes distracted."


"Brain in Hand gives me the ability to operate when I don't have my support network around."


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Frequently asked questions

Brain in Hand is a professional support system for managing anxiety and coping with overwhelm. 

If you are neurodivergent, have a mental health condition, or a learning difficulty, you might benefit from our support. We’ve supported autistic people, people with ADHD, and individuals with a range of anxiety-based difficulties. 

We can support you with planning, building your independence, making decisions, managing your feelings, unexpected events, and more. Ultimately, you decide how Brain in Hand can support you with your specific difficulties and goals.

Brain in Hand coaching is a professional service designed to help you improve your life. Our expert coaches understand how Autism and ADHD can impact you day-to-day.

They will offer practical support to help you develop effective coping strategies, work through difficulties, and build up your independence. Your coaching experience will be tailored to your personal journey, allowing you to overcome your difficulties, and work towards your goals.

At Brain in Hand, we meticulously select our coaches, considering their diverse range of skills and qualities to ensure they can effectively support the unique needs of our users. We prioritise individuals with qualifications in relevant sectors, coupled with extensive experience in supporting neurodivergent individuals and those managing anxiety-based mental health conditions. Our coaches undergo comprehensive in-house training programs, collaboratively developed with experts by experience. These training sessions equip our coaches with an array of solution-focused coaching tools tailored to address the specific challenges faced by our users. Additionally, we provide ongoing training and support to ensure that our coaches stay alongside of the latest methodologies and practices in coaching.

Quality assurance is paramount at Brain in Hand. To uphold our commitment to excellence, all our coaches receive continuous supervision and performance evaluations. This ensures that our coaching practice remains not only effective but also aligned with the evolving needs of our users. Our dedication to ongoing quality ensures that our users receive the highest standard of support and guidance throughout their journey.

Yes, there are a few funding pathways that you can consider. If you’re a student or employee (including self-employed people), you might be able to access Brain in Hand via the Disabled Students’ allowance or the Access to Work scheme.

Visit our funding page to learn more about the different funding options available. If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please contact us via email here.

Yes, we understand that not everyone will have a formal diagnosis and that’s okay. We’ll get in contact after you apply to ensure we’re a good match for you. If you’re unsure and have questions about applying, you can contact a member of our team via email here.

This might be an option for you. Some employers might privately purchase Brain in Hand as part of their reasonable workplace adjustments for their staff. Alternatively, as an employee, you might be eligible for the Access to Work scheme, which could offer to fund Brain in Hand as part of your package. For more information, please visit our funding page.

The Brain in Hand system is text-based and does require a basic level of literacy. Everything in your Brain in Hand account can be written in your own words, so you can ensure it makes sense to you. 

You would also need to feel comfortable using technology. If you’re someone who is comfortable using a smartphone, Brain in Hand should feel accessible to you. Our system is also compatible with various accessibility features for Android and IOS devices.

Visit our dedicated FAQ page for more information about accessibility features, the app, our users, and our human support. You can also contact our friendly customer service team via email here.