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When to recommend Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is for any student whose day can be disrupted by anxiety, unexpected events, or the need to make decisions under pressure. Students don’t have to have a specific condition or diagnosis.

Brain in Hand supports individuals who are neurodivergent (e.g., autism, ADHD, dyslexia) and have mental health conditions​, such as anxiety or depression.

You can also recommend Brain in Hand for any student with executive functioning impairments and memory deficit needs.

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The best of human and digital support

  • A dedicated coach will help a user to develop self-awareness and build greater independence
  • They will help them unlock difficulties, and use strengths to build structured routines and coping strategies 
  • In-the-moment human support from a skilled Brain in Hand responder is available 24/7 at the click of a button
  • Ongoing coaching helps users recognise stress triggers, maintain motivation and learn how to prevent escalations in anxiety
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Ongoing human support for the entire duration of the license period

As long as the student has Brain in Hand, they will have ongoing, scheduled check-ins with their dedicated coach for the entire time. They can also get in-the-moment support whenever needed, 24/7. A skilled responder will be available to assist and help get their day back on track. 

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How to recommend Brain in Hand

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Check DSA eligibility

and confirm that the student has access to a compatible device (iOS or Android). Click here for compatibility information.

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Refer and get a quote

This can be done directly from Brain in Hand or via the SLC eQuote portal. For more information email us or call us at 01392 247909.

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Let us and the student know

When you get approval please share the student’s DSA2 entitlement letter. Students can get Brain in Hand by registering directly with us or directly with the equipment supplier.

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Brain in Hand will report usage rates directly to the funding body/bodies. Based on usage we will renew the student annually. SAAS-funded students will require an annual assessment with a needs assessor.

Key resources to make recommendations

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Recommendation guide

This guide will help you easily match students' needs to Brain in Hand features and how it will support them. It includes example justifications for Needs Assessment Reports.

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Features at a glance

This one-pager lists our digital and human support features in a brief and easy to understand manner

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Book a webinar

This 30-minute online session introduces BiH, the digital support system, research insights on how BiH has helped DSA students achieve more and explains the three step referral process.

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Evidence-based, proven support

We support thousands of students funded through DSA each year. We continually evaluate Brain in Hand to ensure we can demonstrate impact around independence, wellbeing, and participation at university.


of students said that they feel more confident managing their day-to-day activities


of students felt more able to participate at university


of students felt more able to cope with day-to-day stressors

Join a webinar at a time that suits you

Get more information about Brain in Hand, how we've helped DSA students achieve more with our quick 30-minute webinar.

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