Brain in Hand Live demo webinar

Helping people thrive in work, university or in life. Join us for an interactive demo and Q&A

Wednesday, 17th July | 12:00 PM
30-min virtual session hosted on Zoom

Discover how we support people to manage overwhelm, reduce anxiety, and build the life they want.

What to expect

Explore our personalised support system with 1:1 coaching and practical digital tools.

Live Demo

Discover our latest features and how we combine human support with technology.

Real user stories

Hear first-hand experiences and understand the power of personalised coaching.

Funding paths

Learn about a range of funding options, including Access to Work and Disabled Students Allowance.

Personalised support for managing work, studies, and daily life

Brain in Hand is designed for anyone who wants to reduce anxiety, tackle overwhelm, gain motivation, and build their independence.

Our evidence-based support is ideal for people who are neurodivergent (e.g., ADHD, autism, dyslexia) or have mental health conditions, such as anxiety.

There is no need for a clinical diagnosis – it is suitable for those who are self-diagnosed or identify with these challenges

This webinar is for

Anyone with an interest in Brain in Hand who wants to access or recommend support.

  • Parents and carers
  • Students
  • University student support staff
  • Diversity, inclusion, and HR professionals
  • Health and social care workers
  • DSA and AtW Assessors looking to recommend support tools

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