Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay for BiH yourself, or you may be able to access it through a range of funding options. For example, the Disabled Students’ Allowance provides BiH for those in higher education and several councils provide it for those in their area.

Find out more about how Brain in Hand might help you. Visit our funding page to learn about the different ways you can access and fund the system. If you would like to talk to a member of our team, please email us at or call 01392 247 909 (option 1).

Once you know how you will fund Brain in Hand, please register here.

If you are registering on behalf of someone else, we would encourage the end user to be involved in the registration process, even if they need a little support.

Brain in Hand can support you in managing feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. It can also help with remembering things, planning, and making decisions under pressure.  It can help you to become more independent. Ultimately, you decide how Brain in Hand can support you.

The system requires a basic level of literacy as it is primarily text-based.

Visit our features page to learn more about how Brain in Hand can help you.

If you want to speak with a member of our team, please contact or call 01392 247 909 (option 1).

If you are not sure whether Brain in Hand is the right fit for you, we recommend you speak to a member of our team as they will be able to advise you on what’s best before you purchase or refer yourself.

If you have purchased Brain in Hand directly, or somebody has purchased an individual Brain in Hand subscription on your behalf (such as being funded via Access to Work or Disabled Students’ Allowances), and you change your mind then you may cancel your order within 14 days of placing it and receive a full refund as long as you have not started your Software Licence (activated your account) and no personal planning sessions have been delivered.

If you cancel within 14 days but have used any part of your Brain in Hand service (Software Licence, Response Service or personal planning sessions) you will be entitled to a refund for any unused portion of your personal planning sessions payment (subject to receiving 24 hours’ notice to cancel any scheduled sessions) plus 11 months of the payment made for your Software Licence and Response Service.

Have a look at our terms and conditions for more information.

You need to be at least 14 years old to use Brain in Hand. If you are under the age of 18 years, you will need consent from a parent or guardian.

Brain in Hand is a professional support system. Most people access it using a source of funding like the Disabled Students’ Allowance or are given the system by an organisation supporting them. If you think that you might like to use Brain in Hand, please visit our funding page to see whether any of the options given there could be relevant to you.

If you would like to purchase Brain in Hand yourself, you can of course do this. The price for Brain in Hand Support Package's year one licence is: £1,395 +VAT = £1,674. Subsequent years’ licences: £1,077 +VAT = £1,292.40

Licences will be will be renewed annually where an ongoing subscription is in place or has been confirmed by the funder. Many will access a Brain in Hand subscription for a number of years, for as long as they are using it and finding it beneficial.

A standard Brain in Hand subscription lasts for 12 months. You can keep using it for multiple 12-month periods if you want to keep it and have funding to do so. If your licence is being funded by an organisation such as a local authority, the license length will vary but is usually 12 months. You will be notified ahead of the license expiry date to discuss your options. If you want to keep using it but your funding can’t continue, we unfortunately can’t guarantee funding but will do our best to support you to find an alternative funding option that works for you. Visit our funding page for information regarding prices and funding options.

Brain in Hand is only currently available in the UK. We are planning to bring our system to more people around the world in the future. The best way to keep up to date on all our news, including potential future work outside the UK, is to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Brain in Hand is a hybrid support system for people with anxiety-based mental health challenges. It combines digital and human support to help people manage feelings of overwhelm, to find motivation to do things that matter to them, and to cope with everyday anxiety. With Brain in Hand, people have managed to become more independent, travel alone, deal with university life, and much more. You decide how it can best support you in what you want to achieve.

Please visit our main user page to find out more about how Brain in Hand might help you.

Alternatively give our friendly customer support team a call on 01392 247 909 (option 1) or email They’ll be able to talk you through what Brain in Hand is, how it can help, and the next steps in the process.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a link by email to activate your software. If you feel you should have received this and you have not, please contact

Please also look out for an email from a member of our Coaching Booking Team, this email will enable you to book your first Brain in Hand Coaching Session

If you would like to book a session over the phone please call 01392 247 909 (option2) and our team will be happy to set this up for you.

For any other questions about the registration process please call our Customer Support team on 01392 247 909 (option 1) or email us.

Once registered, you will receive an email and text from  Click the calendar link to book your first coaching session. If you’d prefer to book by email, phone or text, simply reply to our message and let us know.

After your first coaching session you can book in further sessions directly in your coach's online calendar or by email/text/call.

To see information about your coach and your coaching sessions, log into your Brain in Hand account and click on the 'Specialist Sessions' tile on your Welcome Dashboard or the tab via 'Manage Account'.

If you are having some trouble with your Brain in Hand account, please contact

An email invitation from Brain in Hand will be sent to you, inviting you to register and begin using your account. Your annual license period will begin the first time you access your account.

If you have not already accessed your account within 90 days of your email invitation to register, your license will begin at this time.

If you are being funded through one of our groups such as local authorities this may differ. Please contact for more information.

You can always provide feedback to us at or by filling in this form. You can also give your coach feedback about Brain in Hand if you prefer.

You can make a complaint at any time simply by telling us you would like to do so. We will then take this seriously and follow our complaints procedure to ensure we fully investigate your complaint and come to the best possible resolution.

To register a complaint, please call our Customer Support team at 01392 247909 (select option 1) or send an email to 

We ask that you bring your complaint to our attention within eight (8) weeks of the issue arising. Please explain the problem as clearly and comprehensively as possible, including any actions you have already taken regarding the matter. This helps us resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

We also ask for your understanding in allowing us a reasonable amount of time to address and handle the matter appropriately.