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Who is Brain in Hand for?

Brain in Hand is for anyone whose day can be disrupted by anxiety, unexpected events, or the need to make decisions under pressure.

We often work with students who have difficulties with mental health or anxiety, as well as autistic or other neurodivergent people.

Most university students who use Brain in Hand access it through the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA). If you're already approved for Brain in Hand via DSA, click below to get started.

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Meet Victoria Ellen.

She's a PhD student, and she's also an autistic ADHD person.

For two years, Victoria has used Brain in Hand to get personalised reminders, visual schedules, and in-the-moment support. BiH helps her manage stress and anxiety, so she feels more in control of her university life.

Watch the video to learn how Brain in Hand supports Victoria in her studies. Click below to discover how she uses it not only for her course, but for all aspects of her life.

Did you know...

... that you can get support tools like Brain in Hand through the Disabled Students' Allowance?

DSA is a grant to help you during your time in higher education. Applying for DSA doesn't guarantee you'll get Brain in Hand, but if you have any additional needs, you could get support to help you.

To help you, we've put together some quick tips on how to get started with DSA, and a brief overview of what to expect from the process.

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Already approved for Brain in Hand via DSA?

If you've been approved for DSA support, you'll receive an entitlement letter called a DSA2. If Brain in Hand is listed as a support tool on that letter, all you have to do is send a copy of your letter to

We'll be in touch to get you started. Simple as that.

DSA mythbusting

You might have heard some of these common misconceptions, but here's some good news - they're all incorrect.

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"Applying for DSA hurts my chances of getting into uni."

Applying for DSA will never negatively affect your university acceptance. In fact, most universities will actively encourage you to apply.

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"If I apply for DSA, everyone will know about it."

The whole DSA journey, from applying to getting your support, is entirely confidential. Your privacy will be completely respected throughout.

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"If I get DSA, I'll have to pay the money back."

DSA is a grant that you never need to pay back. It's an allowance to support you with costs you may have as a result of your additional needs.

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"DSA is only for physically disabled students."

DSA also supports autistic and other neurodivergent students, those with mental health needs, and those with sensory differences.