Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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The Charity for Civil Servants, For You By You, is dedicated to supporting the 4 million civil servants, past and present, in the UK. It provides practical support to people, throughout their lives, with whatever problems they may have.

To help improve the wellbeing and mental health of civil servants, it provides information and signposting to guide people to get the right kind of help.

In a move to provide better support, and to improve individual outcomes, it has been running a small pilot programme offering Brain in Hand to civil servants with neurodevelopmental conditions and mental health concerns.

Aware of the difference personalised support can make, the Charity believes that by offering civil servants this technology, it will help more people to stay in work. Brain in Hand offers access to a personalised plan of solutions and reminders to cope with daily tasks, and access to a professional support team with the press of a button, should it be required. This reduces anxiety, crisis events and workplace difficulties. Users increase in confidence and independence and are able to stay in work, changing the lives of civil servants and helping public sector productivity by reducing absence days.

Notes to editor: This is a small pilot programme currently being offered to suitable applicants applying to the Charity’s wellbeing service. You can find out more about the Charity and its services by visiting

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