Closing the support gap with digital support delivery

We know that autistic people face unacceptable inequalities and aren't often able to get the right support. At Brain in Hand, we're dedicated to finding new ways to reach people and embed more accessible models of support. We want to work with health and social care services across the UK to change the way things are done, preventing inequalities and helping people achieve a better quality of life.

Somerset County Council and Somerset CCG recognised that more needed to be done to support the adult autistic population in their area, which is estimated to be around 5,000 people. We developed a model with them that's much more direct than traditional support delivery: using digital marketing, we can reach people in their own spaces and on their own terms.

By making people aware that support exists and allowing them to easily access it, we break down barriers. This is a scalable, flexible model, and we think it's the future of support for those who have historically fallen through the cracks.

In the full case study document, you can learn about the simple resources we created to reach people, inform them about Brain in Hand, and take them through a simple journey to getting started. We've been able to provide support to 72 people at low effort and low cost.

Download the document below to learn more, and get in touch with us if you'd like to explore using this digital delivery model in your own services.

Read the full case study on how Somerset transformed their delivery model.

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