A research toolkit for measuring ROI

Why have we created this toolkit

We know that proving the impact of prevention is key to continual and increased investment in early support for autistic people and other neurodivergent people.

At Brain in Hand, we have invested heavily in research and models for ongoing and robust impact measurement.

The ROI toolkit is one example and provides key resources for determining costs before and after intervention.

Interview guide template

For collecting retrospective data to estimate the quantities of activities relevant to an ROI, such as using services.

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Unit cost menu

For different services and activities which enables a cost to be put onto the frequency of their use determined in the questionnaire.

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BiH interview guide

This is an example of how Brain in Hand uses the interview guide. It is intended to provide context on how to implement the tool in a service.


What have we learned?

This toolkit has allowed us to explore and quantify the ROI of the Brain in Hand digital support system.

We have gained insights both into how peoples’ use of public services for their mental health has decreased and how they have been able to use their time to participate more fully in life and work. 

Some examples are shared.

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Proving the impact of prevention approaches in autism services

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Inclusive research

We're pioneering inclusive research practices for neurodivergent individuals. Within the team, we have a research associate who is both a skilled coach and autistic, offering an invaluable perspective that drives positive change.

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