Brain in hand - personal technology for independant living

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Reduce anxiety. Feel safe. Increase independence.

Brain in Hand is personalised on demand support, accessed from your mobile phone. Always available, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give you help when you want it, no matter how many times you want it.

Parents, carers, schools, colleges and employers support Brain in Hand as they can be connected to the software too and notice the difference in confidence and independence it brings.

Get Brain in Hand, including four hours of one to one planning for £336, plus personalised software and unlimited professional support from £99 per month. Buy direct or include as part of a funded scheme.

We think everybody deserves the support to reach their goals.

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Ways to get Brain in Hand

Buy direct from us

To buy Brain in Hand for yourself, a family member, service user or employee, simply complete our form and we will be in touch.

Grants for University Students

If you’re applying to do a higher education course at university, at the same time, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

Once awarded with your Disabled Students Allowance, arrange an appointment with a DSA Assessor near you. They will be able to work with you to plan what support will make the biggest difference to you.

Brain in Hand is approved by Student Finance England to be purchased using your Disabled Students Allowance and so please ask your DSA assessor to request it. We have resources to help DSA assessors here.

After you have received your Needs Assessment Report and your DSA2 letter, in which Student Finance England approves your equipment, please complete our registration form to help us book you onto the Brain in Hand system.

Grants in the Workplace

If you are disabled, have a mental health condition or have a long-term health condition that impacts your ability to work, you may be eligible for the discretionary Access to Work grant scheme.

To find out more, see our workplace page.

Supported Internship

Brain in Hand helps colleges, sixth forms and internship providers to extend their support, helping students with autism, a mental health condition or learning disability to feel confident, able to access support 24 hours a day, wherever they are, even when on placement.

We work with students or colleges to put together a package to meet your needs and can support you in any grant applications. Find out more here, or to receive a quote and support for your application, email or call 01392 247909.

Education, Health and Care Plan

Many local authorities know about us and will provide funding for Brain in Hand students with an EHCP. The best starting point is to talk to your Special Needs Co-ordinator and ask them to help you to get Brain in Hand included in the EHCP. If they want to know more about us they can call us on 01392 247909.

Ask Your Support Provider

More than thirty Local Authorities, Charities, Schools and Universities buy Brain in Hand for the people they support.

Why don’t you ask your provider if they can supply Brain in Hand as part of the support they offer you?

If they aren’t aware of Brain in Hand, please ask them to get in touch, as we can talk them through our system. They may not be aware that most organisations see cost savings and recover the cost of Brain in Hand within a year.

Ask them to call 01392 247909 or email

Independent Living Fund (Scotland only)

The purpose of this new fund is to help young people, aged 16 to 21, living with disabilities, with the transition after leaving school or children’s services.

It provides money, for up to one year, for activities or support that will increase a young person’s independence. It can fund a device or piece of technology such as Brain in Hand, to help overcome problems that limit independence.

Applications are looked at on a case by case basis. Applicants need to have lived in Scotland for more than 6 months, have less than £26,250 in savings and have little or no social work support. Disabilities include people with autism, a learning difficulty, or mental health condition such as anxiety or depression.

All the information including the application form for the Independent Living Fund can be found here.

The National Autistic Society Transition Support Service can support autistic young people, their parents and carer’s with their applications.

  • After Ben started using Brain in Hand, very quickly changes started to happen. He is now able to take public transport to places he has never to before, he can start conversations, has learned how to say ‘no’ and has even started a new job.

    Ben's supporter
  • Bethan had struggled with stress ... and getting from A to B, for a long time. Since she got Brain in Hand, she managed to sit her GCSEs and surprised us by how well she did, and is managing life in a completely new college environment.

    Kate, Bethan's Mum.
  • It’s as though I have that older Rosie in my pocket and I can call her up for advice whether I’m just a little uneasy or having a full blown panic attack. Because of my Brain in Hand, I am becoming more and more of a strong, independent woman with no chill every single day.

    Rosie, student, Roehampton University
  • I’m currently using Brain in Hand and this has helped me as I know that I have something to call upon if I get stressed at work. It has been like a ‘comfort blanket’ to me.

    Sarah, 30, Dental Nurse
  • There are many aspects of University life I find challenging. Brain in Hand has helped me to solve all sorts of problems by myself, which has really built my confidence.

    Dagmawit, student, Middlesex University

About Brain in Hand

Brain in Hand is a unique support system. Developed by Dr Tony Brown, the Clinical Director of the Southampton Autism Diagnostic Research Centre, Brain in Hand is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, the ward-winning system has been independently proven to help reduce anxiety and improve independence. Lots of people choose Brain in Hand using their respite care, EHCP or PIP funding.

Brain in Hand includes three main parts:

Personal plan

Over one or two sessions, one of our approved trainers will work with you to set-up the Brain in Hand app and website system in the way that’s best suited to your needs. They will work with you to identify the practical solutions that will help overcome the challenges you face in day to day life and achieve your goals.


From our app on your phone, you can quickly find your best coping strategies for issues that cause you problems, access your diary, receive prompts for things you need to remember, and use our in-built anxiety monitor.

Unlimited support

What sets Brain in Hand apart is the team of professionals. They keep an eye on your anxiety monitor and get in touch when you need extra help by text or a call; helping you to solve problems that initially you can’t fix yourself.

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